Maharishi’s Conversation with Mother Divine – 1959

(C)2007 - DIANE ROUSSEAU - Divine Mother with Maharishi - Oil on Canvas - Reproduced with permission

© 2007 – DIANE ROUSSEAU – Divine Mother with Maharishi – Oil on Canvas – Reproduced with permission


Shortly after founding the Spiritual Regeneration Movement in 1959 Maharishi contacted Mother Divine and pleaded with her to alleviate the misery of humanity.

Mother Divine explained that help for humanity was not to come from her because humanity is doomed; this is the cycle of time which demands that humanity increasingly suffers.

Then Mother Divine encouraged Maharishi to continue with his spiritual plan to gather as many individual Lights as he could, and by these collective Lights it would be possible to destroy the darkness in the world for a temporary period of up to a few thousand years.

The following eight pages are a copy of the transcript of a tape recording of Maharishi speaking about his conversation with the Divine Mother.

Maharishi wanted all of his initiators and meditators to be aware of this message from Mother.

21 thoughts on “Maharishi’s Conversation with Mother Divine – 1959

  1. Hi Michael,
    Your website looks lovely. This letter of Maharishi’s regarding Mother Divine has been circulating for a while. I am wondering if you know who had it originally and how it became available to the TM community?
    Thank you

    • Dear Francesca,

      Many thanks for your comment. Re if any more – this is all I have at the moment. If I find more, I will post.

      All the best, cheers and enjoy.



    • Pat – Glad you like it. I just came across it myself a few years ago. Just wanted others to enjoy it. Cheers. M

  3. Pat – Glad you like it. I just came across it myself a few years ago. Just wanted others to enjoy it. Cheers. M

    • Yes it is precious, it makes me all the more full to know someone said that also. Its so special. I was lucky enough to spend some amazing moments with Maharishi back in the early 70’s, but he had almost stopped speaking about anything that couldn’t be scientifically verifiable by then, so this is extra special.


  5. Can we hear the actual tape and verify if it is Maharishi’s voice? Mother’s typing needs spell checking. She didn’t sign the letter. So how do we know it is actually Her?

  6. Maharishi speaks with a divine personnality the same way he speaks with a human being.! Only two personnaliity can communicate with each other. God is a person also. We are so fortunate to meet a divine person in Maharishi. Jai Guru Dev.

  7. I wrote a poem about Mother Divine and a message she said . I read the poem Insight of an experience and Mother Divine and Candace the Rajesh did a long commentary I friend had access to this copy and share with me. I told her this a cosmic I wanted to know more about Maharishi talks about Mother Divine.the poem is on face book Sarah Baron.use the search window type Insight of an experience. Thank you for sharing such a precious document.

  8. As the poet Theodore Roethke wrote, “In a dark time, the eye begins to see.” As I believe Shankara once said, “Blessed is the Kali Age.” In reference to Maharishi’s quote from Mother Divine re: the cycle of time, it seems to me that in the great cosmic drama, human suffering now propels all of us to do all that we can, utilizing our inner divine consciousness — which we can access through Transcendental Meditation — and thereby we grow leaps and bounds, by exercising our spiritual faculties in ways that might not be as necessary when “the living is easy.” During what some might consider “better times” — i.e. ages other than Kali Yuga — perhaps there is no human suffering to propel us to meditate with such devotion or act so vigorously or bravely for the good of humankind. This is the age when humans are called to be heroes, and in my view Maharishi is the greatest hero of our time.

  9. I wrote a poem;

    The Mystic Threads Her Beloved Throuhg the Eye of the Needle and then Sows Her Tapestry of Life In Eternal Love ~Susan
    Jai Guru Dev

  10. Mother Divine…is an organisation that His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi created so that highly evolved women would have a place to evolve in the Transcendental Meditation Movement. Divine Mother is that intelligence that His Holiness communicated with on the Celestial level. I have an ongoing experience with Divine Mother that started in the Maharishi’s Patanjali Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge when I was listening to a tape by him from 2004. This was in 2016 during the celebration of the festival of lights. Here is that experience as I wrote it in an email.

    During the Festival of Lights Celebration, His Holiness said on a tape from 2004, (which I was hearing for the first time) that “we should forget the past”, that “Divine Mother Lakshmi lives in the heart of all born beings” and that “we should now begin living our Divine Identity in the Global Country of World Peace”. A reverberation started in my body. Over the following days I realised that forgetting the past allows me to live in “The Now” rather than reminiscing about the past and having my mind divided with judgements of right and wrong and who is to blame. It also required that I forgive myself and everyone else whom I was holding responsible for that past. Becoming aware of Divine Mother Lakshmi living in my heart brought joyful tears to my eyes as I realised that the Divine that I had been searching for had been with me all the time, going with me through all the trials and tribulations that I remembered as “My Life”. And finally, that Living my Divine Identity in the Global Country of World Peace meant that wherever I am, particularly in a community of like-minded followers of his Holiness anywhere in Creation, meant that what He said was the Goal of Life, living “absolute freedom in the entire relative creation” was finally mine to enjoy as a Divine Child of God!

    Later another experience started in which Divine Mother began to communicate with me. She asked me what I wanted at that moment (in this case a particular meal at a particular restaurant) and she arranged for me to “run into friends who happened to be going to the very restaurant that serves that meal, and have them invite me to dinner as their guest. Ordered and had the meal I requested and when I asked the waitress her name she replied “Divine”. And this was just one of several requests I made that was answered in the affirmative. Others involved weather both here in Fairfield and the world! Warmest winter in years in Fairfield and several hurricanes and other conditions in the world petered out after I requested it. I was also told that we Governors of the age of Enlightenment really are capable of Governing… by asking for what we want, not only for ourselves but for the whole world’s family of man. I started doing this and many, many things have happened in that regard. I don’t look for things to ask for, they come to my attention by overhearing others talking about a situation, or on the news… or a condition or person who needs Divine attention.

    I was told to share with the group that we should ask often for what we want. Each hour of every day, when a new desire or need comes up we should ask, without feeling we are “over asking” or that what we want is “asking too much” or will be “too difficult to happen” etc. And the meaning of that is not that we are to ask for the same thing over and over as though we were not heard until we get it, but rather that we are to ask for what we want all the time throughout each day as we go through the day; each time we think we have run into an obstacle or need a solution to something, by asking for what WE what.

    Also we need not direct our request to whom we think would be the best representative of Heaven to accomplish what we think we want or need but rather that we are to ask Divine Mother for what it is and let her sort out which representative is best to handle it. And the term Divine Mother is crucial. Not any specific expression of her, not “Mother Divine” but Divine Mother. As we now know we are the Holy Children of God, that alone makes us deserving so desiring is part of our birthright.

    My style of asking is becoming more and more refined each day. For instance what I do is to think, with my eyes closed… “Divine Mother, I think I would like a warm, record breaking winter, that or something better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Amen, Amen, Amen.” For me this allows that if having much warmer weather than is predicted is the best answer for all concerned, then so be it. Or if having the correct clothing to deal with the weather, or a device that allows me to turn on the car and the heater remotely, is the best solution, then so be it. More often the answers have come in miraculous ways and through processes that I could never have imagined or guessed. Hopefully we will all take this message to heart and begin now, if we haven’t already, living our Divine Identity in the Global Country of World Peace and in 2016, having the lives and experiences we have always wanted, and begin to focus this blessing of asking for the fulfilment of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s goals for the world for all future generations, including World Peace. Jai Maharishi, Jai, Jai Guru Dev.

    (Here is another place where Maharishi talks about Divine Mother)

    And here is another place that talks about Divine Mother…a quote from His Holiness..

    “To arrive at some conception of the eternal, the best measure will be the life-span of something that has the greatest longevity in the relative field of creation. This, according to the enlightened vision of Vyasa, is the Divine Mother, the Universal Mother, who is ultimately responsible for all that is, was and will be in the entire cosmos.” —Bhagavad Gita (IV, 1) Translation and commentary by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    • Many thanks Stanley for this excellent contribution – much appreciated. It is very practical and will assist others in their lives as it has assisted you. Thanks again. M

    • I wonder how it would go it you asked without asking, if you just lived, just be. Close the eye’s like you mentioned and just be. Is it not all there??? for all, everywhere

  11. This is great.. Jai Gurudev ! Jai Maharishi Ji ! It would have been great if the audio recording could be made available.

  12. Dear Stanley, I’ve seen this and it’s illuminating! I felt the other day I had reconnected with Divine Mother both within in my heart and externally the globe we live in! I’ve promised her I will eliminate all suffering in humanity, especially my country Kenya, by becoming a TM Teacher! I hope she assists me in fulfilling the desire soonest! An important point you put forward and I wasn’t aware of, was where to address my concerns; She will be my Divine object of reference for all my needs as She is the bestower of any need! I now look at all women as a representative of her Diviness whether they’re aware or not! Jai Guru Dev

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