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“For invincibility to be real and lasting, its basis must be purity… purity of food, purity of water, purity of environment, purity of all… nothing that is harmful to life should be allowed.”


Recently the World Health Organisation declared that Glyphosate herbicides of which Roundup is the most commonly used, cause cancer in Humans.

Following this the Danish Working Environment Authority recently declared Glyphosate a Carcinogen.

Brazil’s National Cancer Institute recently cited the growing of Genetically Modified crops as the reason for massive Glyphosate pesticide use, and stated that chronic poisoning may now affect the whole population due to multiple exposure to pesticide residues in food and the environment.

It went on to say that this exposure can be associated with: infertility, impotence, miscarriage, malformation, neurotoxicity, and cancer.

80% of the Worlds Genetically Modified crops have been engineered solely to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup including GM Canola now grown in three states in Australia.

This announcement from the WHO and others from research institutes and scientists around the world have prompted the recent encyclical from Pope Francis expressing great concern at the use of herbicides and pesticides as well as the growing of Genetically Modified crops.

Additionally Sri Lanka has imposed an immediate ban on Glyphosate Herbicides, the Argentinian court has accepted a lawsuit to ban GMO’s and Pesticides, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister has announced that Russia will not use genetically Modified Organisms to increase productivity in agriculture, stating their preference for clean food, whilst the French Environment and Energy Minister recently called on garden shops to stop selling Monsanto’s Roundup, and Swiss and German supermarkets have banned the sales of Glyphosate over health concerns.

You are invited to join concerned people around the world to focus on a big National Yagya for food purity and safety. The USA and UK have seen impressive results of National Yagyas —raising decisions made at key levels to favour purity in food production and the environment. For example in the US, Walmart has asked suppliers to eliminate abusive practices in animal agriculture. Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are removing artificial colors and flavors from their menus. The UK has experienced increased public awareness, and greater food purity in one area of the food industry.


Many countries have resisted excessive food additives, agricultural malpractice, chemicals, toxins and dangerous genetically modified (GM) foods. However there is now a severe threat and invasion of this purity.

Leaders are under pressure to weaken GM and pesticide laws (click to read) and to accept initiatives like the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the secretive EU-US trade agreement, which seriously compromises many European citizens’ rights, and allows importation of unsafe GM foods and pesticide-laden foods.

The threat to freedom of choice between GM and non-GM products (click to read) is basic to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. This policy proposes the coexistence of non-GM and GM crop production with buffer zones of only 20 to 30 metres. Scientific research shows that GM pollen contamination occurs well over 4 km, proving that coexistence without contamination is not possible – therefore everyone will have no choice but to eat GM foods.

The BJP-ruled Maharashtra government in India has granted ‘no-objection certificates’ for GM (click to read) open-field trials of rice, chickpeas, maize, brinjal (eggplant) and cotton.

Public awareness of dangers – a good time to act swiftly:
In the midst of dangerous health threats there is a strong public demand for reducing:
– Toxic agricultural chemicals
– Mistreatment of animals
– Dangerous food additives
– Genetically modified crops

Public pressure is causing governments and corporations to consider better options. (Unfortunately counter-thrusts from multinational biotech companies are increasing too.)

DNA changes are permanent               Professor Fagan      Our food chain is now at risk

Message from molecular biologist and agro-ecologist Professor John Fagan to whom Maharishi gave global responsibility for pure, safe, and healthy food and environment.
“This is a critical moment. We need to support our leaders in making better decisions. Your participation in this programme will do just that, powerfully enlivening collective consciousness, and thereby empowering government leaders to preserve and strengthen policies that protect global citizens from risky, adulterated Genetically Modified foods, toxic pesticides, and other abuses that threaten the safety and sustainability of our food system.”

It’s insane that millions and millions of litres of toxic herbicides and pesticides are being sprayed all around the world, much of it on Genetically Modified crops. The powerful influence of Maharishi Yagyas to enliven the power of Natural Law to change the thinking that leads to this practice is now vital.

Join Maharishi’s global family to support a big FOOD PURITY Yagya
from 6 to 16 July 2015


For pure, nutritious food from a natural, sustainable, humane
food-production system, free from genetically modified organisms, to ensure the
safety, health and enlightenment of

It is an incredible opportunity to create a large focus with many nations using the same, one-pointed and highly effective Sankalpa. We are also having a big Yagya specifically for Europe at the same time with the same Sankalpa and we want one for Australia.

This is an important time to act: The world needs support from our ‘Yog and Yagya’programme to help turn the tide of change. We must strike while the iron is hot! Let’s act right away and support this big food purity Yagya – for now and for the future.

To add your additional support, just go to click the one off donation circle and process your donation making sure you nominate Australia as the beneficiary country.

As the Global Yagya is to begin on the 6th July 2015 we need to have your donation in by the 3rdJuly 2015 at the latest. Please email me confirmation of your donation so that we know in advance the total funds we have for this big National Yagya.


The Monthly Donor Programme team from ARO International, MERU Holland

Peter Fenwick- Australian Ambassador for the Brahmananda Saraswati Trust

Remember that if you donate $1,250 or more at one time, you, your company, or someone you designate will be named in the National Yagya on each day of the performance.


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