Guru Dev’s Mahayagya in 1944 that ended WWII

"Guru Dev" Mahayagya "Life Magazine" 1944 WWII

Guru Dev’s Mahayagya in 1944 that ended WWII

Near the end of World War II, 2000 Hindu priests and ten thousand of their followers gathered outside New Delhi by the sacred river Jumna to pray for world peace. For 10 days, the murmur of their prayers and the smoke of their fires rose like incense from the great thatch-and-bamboo pandal build on the plain. For ten days, austere Brahmins under the leadership of His Holiness Shri Jagadguru Shankaracharya chanted a master verse from the 3000 year old Vedas: “The sun is the centre of the entire universe; all intelligence, all energy, all health are derived from the sun.” In all, during this Mahayagya or great sacrifice, more than 10,000,000 prayers of praise and supplication were recited. It was probably the greatest demonstration of mass praying in modern times, and, as reverend Hindus believe, helped to defeat the Axis powers. -Life Magazine, 1944

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  1. It is quite interesting to see this. I had always somehow in my own mind connected Guru Dev with the outcome of the Second World War I had felt that His existence had tipped the balance.

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